Want Me To Be Your Personal Ad Consultant For Just $197/Month?

No Minimum Monthly Commitment. If it's not your jam, just cancel.

We will set up a custom ad strategy together, implement it together and then optimize it so that you can feel confident in your ability to run and scale a successful ad campaign over and over again

You'll get ACCESS to the SAME successful strategies I'm using to scale my agency clients' businesses beyond 7 figures.

I am not just an internet marketer copying other people's strategies...because they sound like a good idea.

I own an agency that serves clients just like you with ads that actualy work.


There is NO RINSE AND REPEAT strategy that works for every business. That is why I created this personalized program and not just another "sell to the masses" course.

No more guessing over what will work for you. From creating your strategy and content to launching your ads, I am here doing it with you.

I will take you by the hand, coach you and mentor you on how to put together EVERY SINGLE PIECE of content that you need...


And then show you step-by-step how to execute the ENTIRE AD STRATEGY in the Facebook Ads Manager. 


Then we'll OPTIMIZE and SCALE, together...

60+ On Demand Trainings + Cheat Sheets

Watch Lesson 1 And Get A Taste Of How I Help My Students Create Their Strategies

Free Introduction Lesson 

A REAL Strategy That I Helped A Student Create


Before we go any further, I want you to know upfront this won't work for:

Coaches or Course Creators who haven't sold anything

​Coaches or Course Creators who don't have a sales funnel

Coaches or Course Creators who HATE creating content

What's Included With The Ad Squad Monthly!

Cold Audience Building Formula

Learn how to create targeted audiences who will become eager to buy your stuff.

Webinar/Challenge Ads Intensive

I'll roll up my sleeves and help you create and implement a UNIQUE  strategy that will  drive only QUALITY leads into your funnel.

The Discovery Call Accelerator

Learn how to keep TIRE KICKERS OUT of your funnel and only attract people who will be EAGER to hop on the phone with you,

Retargeting Mastery

Learn the advanced retargeting strategies used by Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, Sam Ovens, Clients On Demand and Amy Porterfield,

One-On-One Strategy Session

When you start the program you will get a one-on-one strategy call with Laurel to figure out budget, metrics to track and which strategy will work for your business BEFORE you start.


LIVE ZOOM calls to ensure that you are launching and optimizing your ads correctly. I will also audit your ads on this call.

Creating The Right Content, The Right Ads And Show It To The Right Prospects At The Right Time= AUTOMATIC AND CONSISTENT PROFITS

There is NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENT to join. CANCEL ANYTIME.  If you decide ads aren't your jam, that's OK. 


PLEASE NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS. If you want to cancel, you MUST CANCEL your membership BEFORE the next payment is due. By clicking the button below to enter the program, you're accepting these terms.


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